Wes Larson is moving to Juneau, AK on March 1, 2020 to lead the NOAA Auke Bay Genetics Laboratory. Please visit this page for more information. We will have opportunities for postdocs through NOAA and I will be working closely with faculty at UAF College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences mentoring Master’s and PhD students. Please contact me at wlarson1988@gmail.com if you are interested in our program.

The lab I am moving from (USGS Wisconsin Cooperative Fishery Research Unit) is currently hiring a lab manager to run the genetics lab. Please see the posting here: https://www.uwsp.edu/hr/jobs/Pages/AcademicJobView.aspx?UWSPJobsCode=16302

Welcome to the Larson Lab website!  Our lab is part of the USGS Wisconsin Cooperative Fishery Research Unit at UW-Stevens Point. Our research focuses on the use of genetic markers to inform management and conservation of natural resources, understand ecological processes, and study local adaptation. We work closely with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and other management agencies to integrate conservation genetics into management. Much of our work utilizes genomic techniques to improve our understanding of genetic population structure and diversity at neutral and adaptive markers. We are also working on developing tools and resources such as high-throughput SNP panels, linkage maps, and eDNA methods that will enable future research and management. Please visit our federal webpage for more information on the Wisconsin Cooperative Fishery Research Unit and follow our lab on Twitter @Wes_Larson1.

Please see the Join the lab page if you are interested in joining the lab in the future. The Larson lab is committed to fostering diversity in STEM.


Larson Lab February 2019. Left to right: Dani Blumstein, Saraza Blankenship, Amanda Ackiss, Wes Larson, Kristen Gruenthal, Peter Euclide, Becky Gehri, Matt Bootsma, Tommy Hill.


The Molecular Conservation Genetics Laboratory (MCGL) at UW-Stevens Point was established in 2002 by Dr. Brian Sloss in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the College of Natural Resources at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and the U.S. Geological Survey as a part of the Wisconsin Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit. Brian worked diligently with research partners to build a state-of-the art conservation genetics laboratory from the ground up. The MCGL was created with the goal of conducting high quality molecular genetic research to assist in the conservation and management of natural resources in conjunction with training and educating graduate students and highly motivated undergraduate researchers. Past research projects conducted by the MCGL include developing a broodstock management plan for muskellunge in the state of Wisconsin, conducting mixed-stock analysis of lake whitefish in Lake Michigan, investigating the population structure of coaster brook trout in Lake Superior, and evaluating potential broodstock sources for a wild brook trout propagation program.

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